Matea is a cross-media designer whose work has been presented in more than 25 international exhibitions including locations like Istanbul and Croatian Design Biennial, Ventura Lambrate, Vienna and Paris Design Week. In 2014 she was named Best Young Artist by the Zagreb Salon of Design and Applied Arts. She's a member of a female design collective — Manufakturist.

Her design work combines multiple disciplines within expertise of visual communications, set design, lifestyle products and site specific design. She produces effective and captivating design solutions that are underpinned by a strong concept. Harmonizing client expectations and feedback, forms of expression, material, color and production costs with meticulous attention to details and manufacturing techniques her work renders multilayered narratives that entice the senses. 

Matea is a member of MOMA, AIGA, Croatian Design Society, Croatian Freelance Association and Spring Street Social Society. She holds a masters degree in visual communications from the Faculty of Architecture — School of Design, Zagreb, Croatia. 

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Cover photo portrait by Tin Kadoic.


ZGRAF 12 – Lauba, Zagreb, Cro.

Contemporary Croatian Design – In a Nutshell, Designforum, Vienna, Au.
Design District Zagreb, Marticeva, Zagreb, Cro.

Banc’s Europe, Strasbourg, Fr.
Milan Furniture Fair 2015, Ventura Lambrate, Light Space, Milano, It.

Istanbul Design Biennial, Primary Greek School, Istanbul, T.
Croatian Design Biennial, 2013. | 2014, MUO, Zagreb, Cro.
Zagreb Salon of Design and Craft, Tehnički muzej, Zagreb, Cro.
Dan D, Bivša Vojna Bolnica, Zagreb, Cro.

Hungry Designers, Muzej turizma, Opatija, Cro.
Hungry Designers, Blickfang, Vienna, Au.
Month of Design — Product Design Exhibition; Ljubljana, Slo.

BIO 23, 23rd Biennial of Design, Ljubljana, Slo.
Croatian Design Biennial 2011. | 2012, MUO, Zagreb, Cro.

Croatian Holiday
Milan Furniture Fair 2012, Ventura Lambrate, Light Space, Milano, It.
Sofia Design Week 2012, Sofia, Bg.
DanD 2012, Klaonica, Zagreb, Cro.
Skopje Design Week, Skopje, Mk.
Croatian Design Biennial 2011. | 2012, MUO, Zagreb, Cro.
Croatie la voice — Paris design week, Paris, Fr.
Vienna Design Week, Vienna, Au.

Common Sense and Sensibility
Belgrade Design Week 2012, Beograd, Rs.
Galerija Forum, Zagreb, Cro.
Galerija Loggia, Grad Hvar, Cro.

ZGRAF 11, HDLU, Zagreb, Cro.
Lice Knjige, Galerija VN, Zagreb, Cro.
DanD 2011, Klaonica, Zagreb, Cro.

2010. Croatian Design Biennial 2009. | 2010. MUO, Zagreb, Cro.
2009. Magdalena, Maribor, Slo.
2008. Magdalena, Maribor, Slo.
2007. ZGRAF 10, HDLU; Zagreb, Cro.

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